Having a two year old affords you the luxury of extra time being awake.

Being awake… keeping your pupils awake… yes let’s do a blog post about that!

I like routine and order within my lessons but after a while I find the same routine a little stale and I’m pretty sure my pupils would find that too!

I’ve been trying out a few different activities to help keep some of the spice in my lessons. I think I can feel a list coming on…

Four corners

– Get the pupils to congregate in the centre of the room.
– Give each corner a letter (or number! Any kind of designation really. Go nuts, name them after the D-day landing beaches or after influential scientists… you know, all cross curricular and stuff!)
– Throw a multiple choice question on the board ( http://www.diagnosticquestions.com is lovely for this just remember to link each corner to a colour)
– Sit back and watch the fun. Look for the sheep and the shepherd’s

Spot the maths

– Grab a semi – relevant  (to your lesons/unit) picture from the net and whack it on the board as your kiddies enter the room.
– Ask your pupils to spot the Maths
– Make a mental note of their responses.
– Revisit the picture at a later date. See if they can now link it to your objectives.
– Go hog wild and print off the picture. Ask them to annotate it as an exit pass.

Teach from the back/ Superscribe!

– As it says in the title. Do all your teachery bits from a different place.
– Get one of your loveable naughties (you know the ones… The class clown show offs) to do all the board work for you.
– As long as you pick the lesson/ pupils carefully (wouldn’t introduce proofs this way 😉 ) you should have a really different lesson.
– It’s quite novel for the pupils and you know the pupil at the board is having to pay attention! You’ll probably get a few pupil’s volunteering for the future.
– Don’t feel the entire lesson needs to be this way.

So these are just a few of the techniques I’ve tried with some success (love the picture one!).

Will probably put together a list: part deux at some point but right now I’m being smacked in the knee with a toy cow

Andy X