Been working on a range of planning sheets to help deal with the increase in problem solving questions under the new spec.

problem solving planning mattm2

I’m looking for any and all feedback on this one.

I’ll explain my philosophy for the sheet…

section 1: RTFQ 

– the name was deliberately chosen as its an acronym I use on a regular basis.

– It has cheeky connotations

– The glow around the edge is to draw the pupil to this section first

– The idea of getting them to draw a smiley face is two-fold 1: a little silly thing to make them smile and put them at ease and 2: almost like a physical check for them once they have read the question!

Section 2: STBO

– Read this.

Section 3: ATBO

– Read this.

– Name change from ‘Use’ to ‘Apply’. Just felt more… mathematical… somehow!

Section 4: ROTQ

– Asks the pupil to look back at the question and reflect on what they have accomplished so far.

– Should help focus the pupil and get them back on track.

Section 5: CYFA

– Can help prompt the student into making sure the damn thing is logical!

– Can help make sure the ACTUAL question has been answered (missed marks from not putting yes/no with a reasoning makes me sad!)


Feel free to use or adapt it as you see fit.

Feedback will result in me thinking very good thoughts about you 🙂

problem solving planning matt  <— Word file (so you can edit/adapt and change as you see fit!)

Andy x