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Filling the pail

Education is a strange, looking-glass world where conservatives pose as radicals. It is not a progressive education utopia, even if the ideas of the progressive education movement are drawn heavily upon by educational academics. Schools are intensely practical places and children pose myriad problems which educators have to muddle-through on a daily basis.

Instead of providing solutions to such problems, education academics are generally committed to some sort of an ‘approach’. Typically, academics construct complicated-sounding nouns and then try to rationalise why these ‘things’ are important. ‘Reification’ is the complicated-sounding noun that describes this process.

Educationalists would do better to adopt part of what is recognised as the scientific method. They should ask, ‘What would be the case if I were wrong?’ and then seek that evidence. This is what scientists do. This is why science is the best magic available at present and why we haven’t yet benefited from…

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