In case you’ve missed it this week. A few Tweechers (re: Twitter + Teacher) have posted some excellent puzzles over the twittersphere, I’ve collected some of them and put them up in this post for you to have a go at.

I’ve completed some of them, others however remain unsolved (or lack the proof needed to be considered solved.)

The first one was supplied by @OxfordEdMaths as part of their #5daysofVSI competition


This was supplied by Jo of @mathsjem fame.


The next few are all from the truly excellent @solvemymaths.

circle square solve my maths circles solve my maths semi solve my maths

They really are some excellent puzzles.

I would recommend checking out all their relevant blogs and twitter feeds.

Andy x

p.s. Jo, You’re going to kill me with that puzzle! (some notes for all who are interested in finding a non-brute force approach)

heatmap 2