“Long time no sea” as a man walking through the desert once muttered.

I’ve been a very busy boy with this and that (more on that at a more appropriate time!).

In order to make up for the lack of activity on here I’m giving all who wanders here from time to time some KS3 Homework mastery sheets I created for my little year 7 and 8 rascals.

Have a looksie and see for yourself.

The sheets get slightly trickier as you go along although it still tries to assess the basics in as an overt way as possible!

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 1

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 2

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 3

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 4

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 5

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 6

KS3 Term 2 Sheet 7

Hope they’re a little bit useful to at least one person!

Andy x

p.s.  Being busy is great and all but can’t wait for half term!!! 🙂