I’m scared of failure

so scared of success.

  • Newton Faulkner – ‘I need something’


Hi all!

Recently iv’e been going through a bit of a blogger block in terms of ‘talky’ content choosing to fall back on working on various ‘Humdingers’ ( 1  2  3  4 for example) or HTn Homeworks(‘n’ being the current half term – Speaking of which, I never put up HT1’s, will do that later in the week!).


Since September many things have happened in my life. In no particular order these include my wife becoming pregnant with our second child, starting at a new school, starting a new role within that school (2nd in maths!), beginning a blog, attempting to sell the house, making new friends, being accepted on a pretty heavy CPD course (beginning in Feb), dealing with a ‘threenager’, buying a new car, attempting to get my students to write the bloody units at the end of the question and a million other little things that we generally take for granted every day (putting on pants comes to mind!).

I am mentally and physically exhausted!

The song quote at the start of this blog is what inspired me to write this. We’ve all seen what happens when we fail, it ain’t pretty but we get over it, learn from it and generally pick ourselves up and move on or move up. What happens when everything is going well? Despite my tiredness everything in my life seems to be heading in the right direction at the moment. The job is good (and seemingly secure for the first time in an absolute bloody age!), the blog seems to be mildly successful (by my blogging standards anyway!) the family is even better!

Every little success inspires me to work even harder but leaves me a little bit more neurotic about the potential crash around the next bend. A case of ‘If I don’t work harder it will all fall down, but if I work harder at thing A, then thing B could suffer causing that to crash so I can’t let that crash so I better work harder at thing B argh but what about thing C!’ etc.

Kinda makes me not want to try so hard so I don’t have to worry about failure! (I’m pretty sure there’s an educational link in there somewhere! 😉 )

Maybe I’ve just got a mild case of ‘imposter syndrome‘ or maybe I just need another coffee, either way it’s almost Christmas and a damn fine relaxing (I hope!) break!

I’ll end this here with the full slightly longer song lyric from Newton (Faulkner, not Physicist). Maybe Elsa had a point after all!

I’m scared of failure

So scared of success

I guess it’ll all work out

And I don’t mind anymore

And I don’t mind anymore!

  • Newton Faulkner – ‘I need something’


  • Andy x

p.s. lots of stuff planned for the new year. More humdingers, more blogs, more HTn revision/homework sheets, more exciting projects with other amazing people, more general waffling around a point, more… well… moreness!

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I’ve been nominated for best new blog! Imagine! Me! Nominated for something other than cleaning the board! *Blushes*