This year has been amazing!

  • New job.
  • New friends (both on and offline!)
  • Started blogging (finally!)
  • Lots of projects (with many still in the works!)
  • New child on the way

and to top it off

  • Being selected as a finalist for the ‘best new blog’ award via the edublogs awards!

best new blog nominee <— 😀


Very much looking forward to the new year and all the challenges and opportunities that are ahead!

with that said…

May all your integers be ordered and your proofs be thorough!

I hope you all have a merry festive period and a damn good break away from the daily grind!

See you in 2016!!!


  • A very happy (but tired!) Andy x

p.s. ❤ you all!

p.p.s. no seriously! I do 🙂 xx