Hi Peeps!

I’ve been rejigging (and adding to) my homeworks in preparation for the next school year.


Following discussions with various people the homeworks are no longer in half-termly chunks but rather in blocks of 6.

Each block scatter-guns its way through various topics and generally gets harder as you proceed through the blocks.

The idea being that teachers of the class can progress through them at a pace more suited to their class. Block A too easy? Move on to B! etc

Here is the break down of topics covered so far…

block cover1


As you can see there are also a couple of blocks containing more functional/ problem solving elements that you may be interested in!

I’ve purposely left any branding off the sheets as I see them as a free resource for any and all who wants them. If they’re not to your particular homework tastes… well they could make quick easy cover resources!?


A Preview

block a 1

block a 2

block a 3

block a 4

block a 5

block a 6


B preview

block b 1

block b 2

block b 3

block b 4

block b 5

block b 6


C preview

block c 1

block c 2

block c 3

block c 4

block c 5

block c 6


D preview

block d 1

block d 2

block d 3

block d 4

block d 5

block d 6


E preview

block E 1

block E 2

block E 3

block E 4

block E 5

block E 6


F preview

block F 1

block F 2

block F 3

block F 4

block F 5

block F 6


G preview

block G 1

block G 2

block G 3

block G 4

block G 5

block G 6


H preview.png

block H 1

block H 2

block H 3

block H 4

block H 5

block H 6

That’s it for now!


Hoping to have Blocks I to L done before the summer but we’ll see!!!!


  • Andy x