Problem Solving Planning Mat!

HI Peeps!

A seemingly long time ago, I put out a problem solving planning mat that I liked to use to help students get started on larger problems. Since then it has evolved!


Introducing the patented Mr Lyons Problem Solving Planning Mat V3.1a


As you can see, Ive taken the previous empty space and added in some thinking points for each section.

Since using this version I’ve had a lot of positive comments from students especially when coupled with our currently year 11 revising for their exam.


I’ll link to a word document below so if you want it, you can have it and if you want to edit it, you can too!


Hav fun with it!




Andy x

Update 28/02/17

Hi Peeps!

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the time to get on here and do anything meaningful!


What a busy three months.

where to begin… Well let’s start with the most important thing.


My first born was diagnosed with DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip) at around one year old. Since then we’ve had a couple of operations that have left her as you see her above. cocooned in a full body spica cast for the best part of 3 months.

Whilst the op went well, the outcome positive and Abigail’s general attitude has been amazing, the timing of this op has taken it’s toll as we have an 8 month old as well and juggling the two has been a challenge (massive props to my wife on tackling the majority of this)!

Couple this with generally being really busy with my job and you’ve got a pretty busy and generally absent Mr Lyons!

With life beginning to get back on track, and just over 3 weeks left in spica jail, I will be posting a lot more in the upcoming weeks!


plans for the next couple of months include

  • An update to my problems solving planning mat (probably later today!)
  • More MLM’s
  • More Humdingers (possibly into some sort of booklet too)
  • and I have a few ideas surrounding some more pedagogy style posts.

until then!

Andy x

Mr Lyons Presents: The BSGP project thingy with no real name

Hi Guys. This page will contain all the BSGP (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) skill sheets for your perusal.

All resources are free to a good home and are intended to be used for what they are… banks of questions rising in difficulty to help complement your teaching, not replace it!

As I create new resources I’ll add them here so check back often. At some point i’ll probably give the project a formal name and organise it a little better than I am at the minute.

All answer sheets can be found in a password protected blog post (called ‘answer sheets’ of all things!). 

Hit me up on twitter  ( @mrlyonsmaths ) for the password















A Little Early Christmas Present…


Mr Lyons Presents: The BSGP project thingy with no real name –

Boy have I been busy!






(Flying baby!)



Just about back on track now (personally and professionally!)


here’s a little taster of my latest project for you all to enjoy.

Answers (available here for now, will move to their own password protected post at …

  • Andy xx

The College Of Teaching gives more power to the powerful

Scenes From The Battleground

The College of Teaching popped up again today on social media.

I have blogged about this very many times. There has been a prolonged attempt by the education establishment to create a new professional body for teachers, following Michael Gove’s abolition of the last one, largely on the grounds that it was a quango that teachers had no time for.

Despite early suggestions that this new organisation might be led by the profession, it ended up being set up by CPD providers in such a way as to squeeze out frontline teachers in favour of educationalists, consultants and managers. This was done through holding events on weekdays in school time, proposing that ‚Äúanybody with an interest in education‚ÄĚ be allowed to join, and making sure that non-teachers and managers dominated the board of trustees. An attempt to crowd fund the organisation revealed a real lack of support from the profession‚Ķ

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The end? (More commonly known as Thursday)

U may already be aware but Thursday spells the end of an era. 

Gone are the plaudits of old, no comparisons for you!

Friday brings with it changes unimagined by so many.

Every teacher, student and parent will be affected.

Dry eyes for now but just give it a year.

Coridoors of uncertainty…

But just maybe…

A change of perspective is all we need…

A STAR now rises…

year to prove it’s worth.

TOO many lives on the line.

THe REEpercussions will be felt…

FOUR a generation.

FIVE is the new standard and only the little leaded. ..

StICkS and a whole lot of work will lead us to the (S)…

hEaVEN we crave. It could have been different but we…

ATE it up and now it’s too late to say…


Homework Blocks A to H

Hi Peeps!

I’ve been rejigging (and adding to) my homeworks in preparation for the next school year.


Following discussions with various people the homeworks are no longer in half-termly chunks but rather in blocks of 6.

Each block scatter-guns its way through various topics and generally gets harder as you proceed through the blocks.

The idea being that teachers of the class can progress through them at a pace more suited to their class. Block A too easy? Move on to B! etc

Here is the break down of topics covered so far…

block cover1


As you can see there are also a couple of blocks containing more functional/ problem solving elements that you may be interested in!

I’ve purposely left any branding off the sheets as I see them as a free resource for any and all who wants them. If they’re not to your particular homework tastes… well they could make quick easy cover resources!?


A Preview

block a 1

block a 2

block a 3

block a 4

block a 5

block a 6


B preview

block b 1

block b 2

block b 3

block b 4

block b 5

block b 6


C preview

block c 1

block c 2

block c 3

block c 4

block c 5

block c 6


D preview

block d 1

block d 2

block d 3

block d 4

block d 5

block d 6


E preview

block E 1

block E 2

block E 3

block E 4

block E 5

block E 6


F preview

block F 1

block F 2

block F 3

block F 4

block F 5

block F 6


G preview

block G 1

block G 2

block G 3

block G 4

block G 5

block G 6


H preview.png

block H 1

block H 2

block H 3

block H 4

block H 5

block H 6

That’s it for now!


Hoping to have Blocks I to L done before the summer but we’ll see!!!!


  • Andy x